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Who We Serve

Home Owners and Renters

Does regular home maintenance feel like a never-ending chore?

Landlords and Property Managers

Are any of your tenants unreliable when it comes to maintaining your investment?

Your Family and Loved Ones

Do you know someone who could benefit from a little assistance with home maintenance?

What We Do

Friendly In-Home Maintenance

Our primary service is to care for your home by:

      • maintaining the salt in your water softener
      • changing the air filters in your furnace and air conditioners
      • keeping fresh batteries in your smoke detectors
      • taking your old household batteries to recycling

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We deliver, handle, and empty the bags of salt for your water softener

We Climb to Heights

We climb ladders to change your air filters and the batteries in your smoke detectors

We Handle the Timing

We schedule your next in-home maintenance, so you don’t have to worry when it is due

When it comes to your home,

We Tame the Elements for You

Water Softeners

Soft water not only helps protect your plumbing and appliances but is also beneficial for your skin and hair. We keep your water softener working efficiently by maintaining the salt levels.

Air Conditioners

A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner unit to work harder, resulting in unnecessary wear and expenses. We regularly change your air filters to keep clean air flowing through your home.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors are there for your protection, yet they can become chirping annoyances in the middle of the night. We regularly change the batteries in your detectors to protect your peace of mind.

Battery Recycling

The improper disposal of batteries is hazardous for the environment. We will take any old batteries off of your hands and keep them out of the landfills by having them recycled.

Don’t allow essential chores to become forgotten in the storms of life.  Explore Solutions

The service light is on, but no one is home - not a problem.

When a four-hour window will not work, Element’s Permission-to-Enter options open the door. Request a consultation to find out more.

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Doing Our Part – Element is actively looking for ways that it can help others in others in our community.

Because kindness makes life richer

Helping Others

Here are some ways you can help others with Element.

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Sponsors help make home maintenance affordable for households with a limited income. Sponsor a referral.

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Please share Element’s information with others. We may be the maintenance solution they have been looking for.

Vegas Born

We are currently servicing homes in the Las Vegas Valley

and expanding into other areas based on interest

Where We Are

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      • Henderson
      • Las Vegas
      • North Las Vegas